The Global Youth Culture, connected by consumerism, social media, and the entertainment industry, forms the largest unreached people group ever to exist.

They are growing up in broken homes and raised on violent movies and pornography. They spend hours online, and look to pop stars and celebrities to guide them. They want something to believe in, but reject any absolute truth. They desire real relationships, but devote hours living in virtual reality. They fight for equality, yet believe in a worldview that reduces them to insignificance. They are continually lied to, which leaves them empty and spiritually vacant.

God’s heart is broken for this lost generation.

This year, Steiger’s ministry No Longer Music will have incredible opportunities to proclaim the message of the Cross to many thousands throughout some of the most desperate parts of Europe, Russia, war-torn Ukraine and Turkey. For many, this will be the first time EVER hearing about Jesus and His love for them. Last year, hundreds surrendered their lives to Jesus during our No Longer Music tour and this year, we are believing that even more young people will be set free.

But we cannot do this without you!

We will go! Will you send us?
NLM Tour 2015


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No Longer Music is much more than a band. We are an army of men and women, around the world, who pray, perform, give, build, host, feed, and spur on. God calls everyone to play a vital role in saving those that are lost.

We need you! Together we can change the world!

We need radical prayer warriors and generous givers to partner with us in spreading the Hope of Jesus to those who are hopeless. By partnering with us in prayer and finances you will be reaching thousands of unreached young people for Jesus!
NLM Tour 2015


This year, Steiger's ministry "No Longer Music" will be doing an extensive evangelistic tour throughout Europe, including Russia and war-torn Ukraine, and parts of the Muslim world. In order to meet all the opportunities, we will be sending out multiple teams. Here is the NLM Tour Schedule (tentative, subject to changes)

NLM Eastern Europe

Poland: June 15 - 16
Czech Republic: June 17 - 19
Krögis, Germany: June 20
Poland: June 22 - 30
Lithuania: July 1 - 6
Russia: July 7 - 20
Belarus: July 21 - 26
Ukraine: July 27 - August 13
Poland: August 14 - 17
Dresden Stadtfest: August 18 - 20
Austria: August 21

NLM Southern Europe

France: August 31 - September 5
Italy: September 6 - 7
Switzerland: September 8
Germany: September 9 - 10
Poland: September 12

NLM Middle East

Turkey: August 22 - 30


Kazakhstan: September 5 - 20


Follow every step of the NLM tour 2017 and be informed about everythin God is doing through the ministry.

What is No Longer Music?

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No Longer Music

About Steiger

Steiger is a worldwide mission organization that is called to reach and disciple the Global Youth Culture for Jesus.

Steiger raises up missionaries and equips the local church to proclaim the message of Jesus in the language of the Global Youth Culture and establishes long-term presence in cities through ongoing outreach, discipleship and local church partnership.

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