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The 59th and final show of the 2016 tour! Dresden, Germany.

The Dresden City Festival is a famous event that draws people not only from all over Germany, but from Poland and other surrounding countries as well. The average attendance for the weekend has been around 500,000 in recent years.

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Many prayed to receive Jesus in Przemysl, Poland!

Yesterday we played in front of the town hall in Przemysl, where the cobblestone street sloped upward from our stage, creating an amphitheater feel for the location.

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Russia 2016 - Nothing Can Stop The Gospel!

In 2016, Steiger bands “No Longer Music” and “Nuteki” performed 9 concerts in western Russia.
While on tour, the government passed a law banning all public evangelism. Despite many obstacles, they were able to preach the Gospel to over 10,000 people. Everywhere they went, people came to Jesus!
In many cities, Steiger started #6PM - an informal bible study - immediately after the concerts. The 8-week bible studies are hosted by a local partner and take place in a neutral venue (ie. cafe). The informal bible study is a key initiative to fill the gap between Steiger’s front-line evangelism and long-term church involvement.

About Steiger

Steiger is a worldwide mission organization called to reach and disciple the Global Youth Culture for Jesus, using art, music and other forms of creativity to present Jesus in a clear and relevant way, and establishes a long-term presence in urban centers through ongoing outreach, discipleship and local church partnership.