Ben Pierce

Ben Pierce

Apologist, author and artist

Ben Pierce is a member of the Steiger International Leadership Team and Creative Director of Come&Live!, a worldwide community that mobilizes artists, creators, and influencers to reach and disciple the Global Youth Culture for Jesus.

As the Chief Communicator for Provoke & Inspire, Ben leads a popular weekly podcast, writes articles, and teaches seminars. He is passionate about challenging and equipping Christian artists to boldly use their God-given talent to reach and disciple the Global Youth Culture for Jesus.

Ben also speaks regularly at churches, conferences, universities, and seminaries around the globe. He challenges people to live lives of radical faith and courageously engage the Global Youth Culture with the Gospel.

Ben teaches a specialized course called Jesus in the Secular World, which provides an in-depth understanding of the secular mindset and practical ways to relevantly engage a culture dominated by secularism and moral relativism. He has authored a book by the same title.
Ben has been published as part of The Lausanne Movement’s Global Secularization initiative, as well as in both Christianity Today and Charisma magazines.

Ben is the lead singer and guitarist for No Longer Music, an evangelistic music and theatrical production group that uses the stage to communicate the Gospel of Jesus in nightclubs, city squares, and festivals around the world, to young people who would never step foot into a church.

If you would like to inquire about Ben speaking at an event, please send an email to with details about the event.
Jesus in the Secular World by Ben Pierce


by Ben Pierce

Ben Pierce’s new book, Jesus in the Secular World: Reaching a Culture in Crisis combines vivid illustrations from years of front-line ministry with practical principles that will encourage and equip any follower of Jesus to relevantly reach those who would not come to the Church for answers.


Chip Ingram“This book is well researched, theologically sound, experientially proven, and a roadmap and source of inspiration for those of us who care deeply about the next generation. I highly recommend it.”
Chip Ingram, Author of "The Real God" and CEO of Living on the Edge
Brian Head Welch"I can honestly say that out of every passionate group of people I’ve met, my friends at Steiger are at the top of the list. In Jesus in the Secular World, Ben Pierce shares with us that very passion that he and everyone at Steiger walks in. Don’t read it like any other book. I highly recommend reading it slowly. Drink in the spirit of what Ben is sharing, and be born again with a new level of passion for Christ that you’ve never had before!"
Brian “Head” Welch, Co-founder of the band Korn and New York Times best-selling author of “Save Me From Myself,” as well as “Stronger” and “With My Eyes Wide Open.”
Dr Bekele Shanko“Writing from a practical point of view and sharing his personal stories of courage and commitment to introduce Jesus in some of the most hostile places of the world, Ben shows all who follow Jesus on how to effectively communicate the unchanging message of the Gospel to the changing world.”
Dr. Bekele Shanko, Vice President, CRU/Chairman, Global Alliance for Church Multiplication
Jay Barnes“By reading this book, you'll be challenged - challenged to pray like never before, challenged to courageously tell others why you love Jesus, and challenged to go beyond your comfort zone to places where lost people live. I encourage you to join Ben and his family on this journey.”
Jay Barnes, President, Bethel University (Saint Paul, Minnesota - USA)
Ted Esler“Defying our categories of missionary focus, the growing globalization youth movement is presenting an entirely new “tribe” for the church to engage. We must sharpen the tools of contextualization, deep cultural understanding, language learning, and incarnational ministry, to love these people into the Kingdom. Ben Pierce lays out the challenges of this tribe, while showing how the church can walk through the holes that secularism is burning in the hearts of these precious people.”
Ted Esler, President of Missio Nexus




The Deeper Truth Behind The Common Cliché

The Deeper Truth Behind The Common Cliché

Outside of the Church, the prevailing mindset is Secular Humanism. This is the idea that religion is an irrelevant tradition of the past. God is no longer at the center - human beings have taken His place. The logical implication of a “godless” world is the loss of absolute truth.
Standing Up For Life

Standing Up For Life

On January 22nd, the governor of New York passed the dubiously titled “Reproductive Health Act,” and in response, I found myself doing something I hate - I used social media to express my frustration. For those unfamiliar, this law does little more than codify (write into law) a woman’s legal right to an abortion after 24 weeks, if her health is threatened or the fetus isn’t viable.
The Antidote for Our Fame-Sick World

The Antidote for Our Fame-Sick WorldWe're All Hypocrites!

I remember pulling up in our band van and parking in a spot designated for “artists,” before making our way to a trailer designated for “band registration.” A few minutes later, I had my black “artist pass” proudly dangling from a belt loop on my skinny jeans - I was feeling pretty cool. 
We're All Hypocrites!

We're All Hypocrites!

Ask anyone on the street what their biggest problem with Christians is and many will undoubtedly respond, "They're all hypocrites!" This is not a recent phenomenon, as even Mahatma Gandhi is known to have said, “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians.” I for one don’t need to be told that I’m a hypocrite; I already know that. And to be fair, this label is not unique to followers of Jesus - it’s a human thing.
Stop Being So Judgemental!

Stop Being So Judgemental!

In secular culture, open-mindedness and tolerance are two inviolable codes of conduct. These ideas sound noble on the surface, but our world has changed their definitions and weaponized them against Christianity.
Enemies of Impact

Enemies of Impact

Jesus said in Matthew 9:37 that “the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.”  Looking around it’s obvious that these words are as relevant now as when Jesus first spoke them. As followers of Jesus we are called to make a difference, and yet there have never been enough workers for all the work there is to be done.
To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere

To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere

I sat down to start writing this blog but then my phone buzzed, Instagram declared “you have a new follower!” - awesome. Ok back to writing, but first, I need more coffee. I filled my cup, I exhaled, and thought “ok, let’s do this…” I wrote two sentences before a “ding,” signaling the arrival of a new email, broke my concentration..” I'll just see what it is, and then go back to writing…”


Revolutionary! Ten Principles That Will Empower Christian Artists to Change the World

Revolutionary! Ten Principles That Will Empower Christian Artists to Change the World

Ben Pierce is co-author of "Revolutionary!", a hard-hitting, provocative book, that challenges Christians to use their God-given creativity to proclaim the Gospel outside the church, through ten clear, biblically based principles illustrated by real-life examples.Ben Pierce is co-author of "Revolutionary!", a hard-hitting, provocative book, that challenges Christians to use their God-given creativity to proclaim the Gospel outside the church, through ten clear, biblically based principles illustrated by real-life examples.

"Revolutionary! is beyond necessary and should be the second thing every aspiring Christian artist (or any Christian, for that matter) reads (after the Bible). This book is a HUGE prophetic shout to a shallow Christian culture in desperate need of kingdom-creative, ‘revolutionary’, real-life examples."Chad Johnson, Founder of Come&Live!

"A must read for anyone who is serious about using the platform and calling they have been given to spread the Gospel."
Alan Greene - Founder/Director of Lifelight Communications, Inc.

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