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God Is Angry About the Injustice in Ukraine!

The tour of Ukraine has been amazing so far! Every night, several thousand people gather in front of our stage, clapping and cheering enthusiastically throughout the show! It is overwhelming to be part of such large-scale, high-impact evangelism, but it’s not just about the numbers - God is changing individual lives in dramatic ways.

God’s amazing favor was with us everywhere we went during our one-month tour of Albania!

On the second to last night of our tour in Albania, we played in the remote mountain city of Fushë-Arrëz. Life there is very difficult - it’s not easy for people to find work and you could feel the heaviness of their situation. When we arrived at our hotel, there was a bunch of tough-looking, wild, English guys, who had basically been there drinking all day long.

Despite crazy obstacles, the name of Jesus is being proclaimed in Brazil and hundreds are responding!

In the early 2000’s, God led David (the founder of the band) to pray for an opportunity to go to Brazil with No Longer Music and despite having no connections, he miraculously he did! After several years of consecutive touring, a long-term work was established which continues until today. After almost ten years without playing in Brazil, we began praying about whether it was time to go back and we confirmed our decision in August of 2017.

Return to Istanbul

The last time we played in Istanbul, we received a lot of threats and had to shut down after the first show. But because of the way that God had been with us on this tour, we came back to the city full of faith.

State of emergency

As a result of increasing terrorism, the Syrian refugee crisis, and a failed military coup in July of last year, Turkey is experiencing heightened political and social tension.

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