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Remembering God in the Czech Republic

We have good local partners in Czech. The first show was in a smaller town, Opava, as our local organisers wanted to encourage a small church plant that has been struggling for a few years to reach the town. Christians from various local towns also came to see the show and were challenged to be bold in sharing their faith.

Silent in His presence

Our show in Rybnik was like one big party, partly because we decided to celebrate Ge Vang’s birthday on stage, but also because the crowd really got into the show, which was especially packed with energy as the team gave their best.

Changing lives in Poland!

A couple days ago we played in Konin a town in the centre of Poland. The location wasn’t ideal, a car park and not very central. But once again we saw God moving in powerful ways as people were deeply touched by the message. Around 150 attended and 30 people responded praying to receive Jesus.

Bringing the love of Jesus to Turkey!

For almost a year, we’ve been working with Safak, a Kurdish man whose father is a muslim cleric, and our Turkish partners “TACO” to organize a large stage truck tour of Turkey. We were planning at least 10 major concerts reaching thousands of people in a country that is 99.9% Muslim. Unfortunately, there was a lot political unrest and violence in different parts of Turkey this summer and so the Turkish minister of interior put a ban on all public events right before the tour was about to start… and so all our planned concerts were cancelled! 

Avoiding a last minute cancellation in Portugal!

We knew playing in Lagos, Portugal would be a challenge. Lagos is a tourist hotspot and while this would seem ideal for an outdoor concert, tourist cities can be very difficult. The crowds are often transient and rarely stick around long enough to hear the Gospel. Nevertheless, we prayed in faith that God would do great things.

Breaking hard ground in Spain!


Our first show in Spain this year was difficult. There were some very critical church people in the crowd who didn’t like our ministry approach/style, nobody raised their hands but no one left either. It was dead quiet and everyone was listening to everything that we had to say. It was hard to know what exactly happened.

No Longer Music show in Chodziez, Poland

After our tour of Russia we played in two cities in Poland. The 2nd of the two shows was in town called Chodzież.

If there is ever a lesson we seem to have to learn over and over it’s that you never judge a book by its cover. With rain threatening and little to no one gathered it was hard to not feel discouraged. Having just had such an amazing time in Russia we were conscience of the potential for a let down.

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