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Incredible night in Lugo, Spain!

On May 21st we arrived in Spanish city called Lugo, and settled into what appeared to be a very affluent church to meet the local pastor and team responsible for organizing the show in a nearby city square. There we were informed by a local missionary that the area very opposed to the church, having been oppressed and wounded by religion through many generations. 

Mace, rubber bullets and tear gas in Zurich

The morning of the 13th of May, I woke startled in Tübingen (Germany) with a dream still ringing in my head. In the dream our team was standing by the tour vans after a concert when someone yelled “there are lions coming!” I looked across the street and saw three lions prowling along the sidewalk. “Get in the vans!” I shouted. As we piled in the vans the lions dashed at us and I woke up. While on tour, we have been studying 1 Peter, so immediately the passage in 1 Peter 5:9 came to mind: “Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”

Faith that calms the Storm - Tubingen, Germany

Setting up in Tübingen, West Germany, was wet and muddy. We had been praying the past few days as the forecast said rain all day and all night. This show was organized by a group of Christians from different churches who have a heart to reach their town. They got permission for a great location for the stage, beside what would usually be a busy park. They kept brave faces as they watched the rain fall on an empty park. 

NLM hits Liberec again!

Last year NLM played in the Czech Republic for the first time, in the town of Liberec. This year we were able to end our 3 day Czech leg of the tour repeating a show in the same location. It was great to meet the local church team again.

Breaking through skepticism in Brno, Czech Republic!

Our show in Brno, Czech Republic, last night was in an ideal location - a central square surrounded by cafés. Brno is a big university city, with 450.000 inhabitants and around 80.000 students. Our local partners have a youth group with a really great vision to reach the city. They meet weekly and regularly receive many new or not-yet-believers in their meetings.

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