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When we are weak He is strong!

Moldova was formerly part of the Soviet Union before it collapsed. It is now an independent country and the poorest country in Europe.  Because of the economic hardships, sex traffickers prey on young girls looking for a way to escape making it one of the centers for sex trafficking in Europe.

Preaching for thousands in the center of Tirana!

Sabri, our local Albanian partner, was struggling to find a location for the NLM show in Tirana, the capital city of Albania. Running out of options, he called up a local pastor to ask for help. As it turns out, this pastor had a close relationship with the city’s mayor and was able to solicit his help in securing a venue.

A real joyful atmosphere in Budapest, Hungary!

I rejoined the tour in Budapest after spending time with my Dad in Minneapolis before he died.  His funeral was a real celebration because of the legacy he left and the full Godly life he lived.  However, it was still an emotional time and I was quite exhausted when I finally did return to the tour.

Four days. Four shows.

The first section of our Polish tour ended with four shows in four days. It is incredibly exhausting to set up, perform, pray with people, pack down, wake up, drive to the next city, and do it all over again.

I can feel love in your message!

Our third show in Poland was in Czestochowa, a city renowned as the epicenter of the Black Madonna cult (which worships Mary). As we prepared to play there, we prayed that God would set people free from this religious idolatry, and we believed in faith that He was going to do something amazing that night.

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