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We Overcame Fear and God Moved in Power!

Every year on August 24th, Ukrainians hit the streets to celebrate their independence from the Soviet Union. For a country still at war with Russia, this is a huge deal. We chose to tour the country during this time, and while it was incredibly fruitful, it was a fight.

When We Are Weak, He Is Strong!

I have been on thirteen consecutive summer tours with No Longer Music, but this may have been the most intense so far. In total, we did 21 shows in 17 days, often with long drives in between cities. The first half of it was in Germany.

Icy Rain, Tears and God's Power

A consistent theme of the 2019 NLM tour so far has been an almost constant threat of rain, and our show in Riga was no exception. We set up our stage in dreary conditions and prayed that people would come, but if I’m honest, I didn’t expect them to.

Taking the Hope of Jesus to the Darkest Corners of Colombia

I had the opportunity to talk with a guy who had been crying during our show. He was pretty tough looking and his face was covered in piercings. He had been off drugs and alcohol for almost three years, and that night was on his way to an AA meeting when he passed by our stage and saw our show. He said something drew him in and he had to stay and watch.

I Had Never Prayed Before!

Dresden's Canaletto City Fest is considered Germany's largest open-air festival. It boasts an impressive program in 15 locations throughout the city, and includes music and shows on nine stages across Dresden.

Struggling to get official permission, God gave our local partner the idea to register our show as a protest - something the government could do not deny.
As a result, No Longer Music played six shows throughout Germany and thousands heard the Gospel, and many lives were changed!

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