NLM in Russia

“Thank you very much for changing my life. Your show and your message are amazing and very important. (Last year) I came to God and made a decision to serve Him for the rest of my life. It’s the best gift in my life. Thank you very much!”
Mary from Velikie Luki, Russia

Chad Johnson family

Takehold Records, the record label I was running single-handedly without any music or business experience, was in serious financial trouble. Though I saw success in signing acts like Underoath - a well-known hardcore band - it was God’s divine mercy and intervention when Tooth and Nail Records out of Seattle agreed to buy the failing company and pull me out of a desperate situation.

NLM Tour Send Off Show

Thank you so much for continuing to stand with us in prayer! God is working powerfully through Steiger. One of the areas that I am very excited about is how God is moving through our ongoing local presence in cities all over the world.

Steiger Missions School

“I’m just a simple guy from Ukraine that has a dream to turn over Ukraine for Jesus!” Valery Ryabokonenko, Steiger Missions School Graduate
Valery is a dynamic young man that attended the Steiger Missions School a few years ago and has gone on to make an incredible impact for the Gospel in his country.

Young people attending the Bible study

Despite outbursts of violence and a government ban on all outdoor events, God made a way for No Longer Music to perform a concert in the center of Mukachevo, Ukraine in August 2015. A massive crowd pressed up against the stage and enthusiastically watched the show. In the end, 100 people raised their hands indicating they wanted to know more about Jesus.

Russian-Speaking World Project

Back in 1991, No Longer Music was one of the first western rock bands to tour Russia after the fall of communism. Twenty-five years later the doors opened once again. We were repeatedly told that an American band openly sharing the Gospel in Russia would be impossible, but we felt we needed to go. What we found when we go there was incredible.

For years, we’ve had the vision to challenge Christian artists to train, equip and release artists as missionaries to share the Gospel outside of the church. We want artists of every kind having an eternal kingdom impact through their art and music.

No Longer Music Tour 2015

For almost a year, we’ve been working with Safak, a Kurdish man whose father is a muslim cleric, and our Turkish partners “TACO” to organize a large stage truck tour of Turkey. We were planning at least 10 major concerts reaching thousands of people in a country that is 99.9% Muslim.

NLM Tour 2015

Our local Ukrainian promoter Valery stepped out of the church and headed towards the train station, but something was strange. Instead of a busy street everything was quiet. No one was walking around except for riot police and soldiers.

The band unloads their equipment from the train in Mongolia

Everyone said this would not work. The time for public preaching of the Gospel in Russia is over. Even more absurd is the idea that an “American” western band could do this. We were the “enemy”.

The band unloads their equipment from the train in Mongolia

The 2015 No Longer Music tour got off to a very rough start… The morning of our first concert in Liberec, Czech Republic, the vehicle that pulls our stage trailer broke down. The next few hours were spent frantically trying to solve the problem.

The band unloads their equipment from the train in Mongolia

In 1991, just after the fall of the Soviet Union, we did a 32-concert "Moscow to Mongolia" No Longer Music tour, where we had the opportunity to be the first Western band to play in Uzbekistan and Mongolia.

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Steiger raises up missionaries and equips the local church to proclaim the message of Jesus in the language of the Global Youth Culture and establishes long-term presence in cities through ongoing outreach, discipleship and local church partnership.

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