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Over the years Steiger has published a number of books that have been instrumental in leading people to the Lord, inspiring people to engage in full-time ministry and challenging people to live their lives fully committed to Jesus.
Global Youth Culture
Revolutionary by David Pierce
Jesus in the Secular World by Ben Pierce
Rock Priest by David Pierce
Kill Your Art by Philip Shorey
Something Broken Something Extraordinary by Jodi Pierce
One Thousand Risks by Chad Johnson


by Luke Greenwood

We are the global generation. Urbanized and connected, we believe in freedom, equality, democracy, and justice. We are free and in control. We want everything now, but really, we don’t know what we want.

We have never been so close and at the same time so far from each other, never before so confused by life, its meaning, and its purpose. We have no hope, and we don’t know what to believe anymore. We are the Global Youth Culture, and this is our cry.

But God is on a mission and His heart is broken for this lost generation. The message of His love—the gospel—is for everyone, and it is not right that young people today don’t get to hear it because we’re not making it accessible to them.

They don’t come to us, so we need to go to them.
Luke Greenwood
Luke serves as the European Director for Steiger, based in Wrocław, Poland, with his wife Ania and their two children.

Luke’s passion is in evangelism and discipleship among the alternative scenes of the Global Youth Culture. In previous years, Luke worked with Steiger Brazil, guiding a Brazilian version of the band, No Longer Music; the community house "Espaco Coletivo”; and a movement of evangelistic art and music events called Manifeste. In more recent years Luke has helped establish Steiger teams in Poland, Germany, Finland, Portugal, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. His vision for Steiger in Europe is to see Jesus proclaimed to young people all over the continent.

Luke often speaks around the globe, sharing the vision of Steiger in churches and conferences, as well as teaching each year at the Steiger Missions School on the topics of Evangelism and Discipleship. To invite Luke to speak write to


by Ben Pierce

Ben Pierce’s new book, Jesus in the Secular World: Reaching a Culture in Crisis combines vivid illustrations from years of front-line ministry with practical principles that will encourage and equip any follower of Jesus to relevantly reach those who would not come to the Church for answers.
“This book is well researched, theologically sound, experientially proven, and a roadmap and source of inspiration for those of us who care deeply about the next generation. I highly recommend it.”
Chip Ingram, Author of "The Real God" and CEO of Living on the Edge
"I can honestly say that out of every passionate group of people I’ve met, my friends at Steiger are at the top of the list. In Jesus in the Secular World, Ben Pierce shares with us that very passion that he and everyone at Steiger walks in. Don’t read it like any other book. I highly recommend reading it slowly. Drink in the spirit of what Ben is sharing, and be born again with a new level of passion for Christ that you’ve never had before!"
Brian “Head” Welch, Co-founder of the band Korn and New York Times best-selling author of “Save Me From Myself,” as well as “Stronger” and “With My Eyes Wide Open.”
Ben Pierce
Ben Pierce is a member of the Steiger international leadership team and director of Come&Live!, a worldwide community of artists who use their talent to share the revolutionary message of Jesus with those who have yet to hear it.

Ben also speaks regularly at churches, conferences, universities and seminaries around the globe. He teaches a specialized course called “Jesus in the Secular World” which provides in depth understanding of the secular mindset and practical ways to relevantly engage a culture dominated by secularism and moral relativism.

Ben is also the lead singer and guitarist for "No Longer Music”, an evangelistic music and theatrical production group that uses the stage to communicate the Gospel of Jesus in nightclubs, city squares and festivals.


A Street Performer's Guide to Being a Messenger of Jesus Christ
by Philip Shorey

This is not a book about art that glorifies art. This is a book about killing your art and surrendering it to Jesus in order for your gift to really live. Philip Shorey, founder and director of the Suitcase Sideshow marionette theater, will take you through the creative process to discover what it takes—from a biblical perspective—to be an artist and a messenger of Jesus Christ using street performance as the creative medium.
“Philip Shorey has poured out his soul into this debut book! Because Philip is an artist in every sense of the word his ministry style is creative and out-of-the box. I am so grateful that Philip took the time to skillfully guide and prepare others with his stories of Christ-like pursuit and trial and error shepherding. The lessons Philip has learned are truly stirring and will leave all who read them (left and right brained alike) inspired to use every gift at hand for the time is NOW!”
Leanor Inez Ortega Till Saxophonist of Five Iron Frenzy and urban shepherdess to a wandering flock of believers and seekers.
Philip’s passion for street storytelling is intriguing, lively and otherworldly. His desire to see Jesus made famous—in places and to people who likely will never hear the gospel story as he is gifted to tell it—is refreshing of the tallest order. This book is a powerful resource to any artistically-wired follower of Jesus seeking to engage culture way outside the four walls of church. Any artist willing to kill their art is ultimately the hero for recognizing gift is never higher than giver. God doesn’t need more gifted creatives to show off skill, He’s seeking a generation willing to surrender everything (including the very gift they’ve been given). Philip qualifies as dangerous soul with a sharp message.”
Chad Johnson, Founder of Come&Live! and former A&R of Tooth and Nail Records.
Philip Shorey
Philip Shorey is a street performer and evangelist. Along with his wife Sari, they are the directors of “The Suitcase Sideshow“, a traveling marionette theater that brings a message of hope and love to the far corners of the world. Their shows explore the human condition and spiritual questions pertaining to faith in Jesus, and the theater works under a non-profit, so that it can act as a gift for those seeking change in their lives.


by Chad Johnson

Could God change the world through seemingly average, ordinary people like you and me?

One Thousand Risks is proof that Jesus can set you up to discover adventure in abundance. With an all-out-fight against comfort, fear, and living half-heartedly present, One Thousand Risks will help you know how to experience a super-powered life of spiritual significance.

Your problem is fear - mostly the fear of man, fear of failure, and fear of rejection. In response to a dare, I began deliberately and consistently fighting fear - one tiny risk at a time, right where I was - which translated into this awkward, awesome life with Jesus.

Have you ever sensed that you were created for something grand? Something way bigger than you could pull off on your own? You were designed to carry more power than any instrument on the planet. What if you left the unremarkable old for life in the messy, extravagant new?

Take a risk; your Father is king of the universe.

To discover spiritual significance in the messy, extravagant new, visit or
Chad Johnson
An icon of independent music amongst those in the know - Chad Johnson was the director of A&R at what was one of the biggest independent record labels in the world. From DIY darlings to punk rock royalty, Chad seemed to fit right in at Tooth & Nail Records. After all, he'd paid his dues with his own little (failed) label, and every hardworking band knew his story.

Chad's true calling came at the peak of music industry success - an unexpected, undeserved twelve-year career generously affixing his name to an album or two. With his wife's nervous blessing, he abruptly left the conventional music world, one part impassioned and three parts foolish.

Cashing out his 401(k), gold plaques and the record collection, Chad began living an adventure that has led him, reluctantly, to every continent on the planet with Come&Live!.


Ten Principles That Will Empower Christian Artists to Change the World
by David Pierce

"Revolutionary!" is a hard-hitting, provocative book, that challenges Christians to use their God-given creativity to proclaim the Gospel outside the church, through ten clear, biblically based principles illustrated by real-life examples.

"Revolutionary! is beyond necessary and should be the second thing every aspiring Christian artist (or any Christian, for that matter) reads (after the Bible). This book is a HUGE prophetic shout to a shallow Christian culture in desperate need of kingdom-creative, ‘revolutionary’, real-life examples."
- Chad Johnson, Founder of Come&Live!

"A must read for anyone who is serious about using the platform and calling they have been given to spread the Gospel."
- Alan Greene - Founder/Director of Lifelight Communications, Inc.
David Pierce
David Pierce is the founder and executive director of Steiger ( He is a gifted proclamation evangelist, artist, dynamic speaker and visionary.
He has seen many thousands find Jesus around the world through his ministry "No Longer Music". His efforts have served as a catalyst for a wave of new ministries, churches and missionaries, that have grown into a global, interconnected missions organization called Steiger.


by David Pierce

Read the latest release of Rock Priest with several new chapters added to bring it up to date. David's story is sure to inspire you as he shares his life journey, including the founding of Steiger and his ministry No Longer Music.

"For years, David Pierce has gone into some of the most revolutionary, and often dangerous, underground communities in the world to reach people for Jesus. Punks, Goths, Militants, Mercenaries - David has ministered to them all. His energized and avant-garde use of extreme music and theater to communicate the Gospel continues to win lives for Jesus from South America to Siberia."
- Jimmy Stewart, Managing Editor of Charisma Magazine
David Pierce
David Pierce is the founder and executive director of Steiger ( He is a gifted proclamation evangelist, artist, dynamic speaker and visionary.
He has seen many thousands find Jesus around the world through his ministry "No Longer Music". His efforts have served as a catalyst for a wave of new ministries, churches and missionaries, that have grown into a global, interconnected missions organization called Steiger.
Something Broken Something Extraordinary by Jodi Pierce


by Jodi Pierce

...She was a picture of pure joy. When she wasn't kicking her brother's soccer ball around she was twirling. As I watched, I was struck by the twirling; it was the perfect illustration of not having a worry or care in the world. I looked further and saw her father sitting in his car watching her, and I understood then what was going on: she could enjoy herself because her father was there. If anyone came around who could possibly hurt her, her father would be there to protect her. His presence allowed her to be a carefree little girl. I sat watching her, and I felt God say, "Jodi, that's how it is with you and me. That's how I look at you, and that's how I want you to look at me." He wanted me to feel safe and carefree because I knew that He was there, watching my every move, never leaving my side...

In 1983, Jodi and her husband, David started Steiger International, a ministry dedicated to bringing the truth about God to secular young people all over the world. Since that time, she has worked along side David to reach into some of the most revolutionary and often dangerous communities in the world for Jesus. Punks, goths, militants and mercenaries she has ministered to them all, while raising two sons on the edge of Amsterdam's notorious Red Light District.

In this book, Jodi shares the struggles and victories of her spiritual journey and how she was able to live the life God called her to. The book reveals the lessons God has taught her along the way and explains what it means to accept the extraordinary life God offers us all.
Jodi Pierce
Jodi is the co-founder of Steiger. In addition to her international leadership responsibilities, Jodi leads the Steiger Missions School in Krögis, Germany - a school that provides students from all over the world with the strong spiritual and practical foundations necessary for a lifetime of missionary service.

Jodi, along with her husband David, raised two children on the edge of the red-light district in Amsterdam. In her book "Something Broken, Something Extraordinary", Jodi talks about her decision to leave the familiarity of home and follow God and about the extraordinary life to which that led. Although her life was not without difficulty, Jodi describes her journey with God as the richest life imaginable.

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