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No Longer Music - Tour 2019

What is No Longer Music?

"No Longer Music" (NLM) is an evangelistic music and theatrical production group led by David Pierce which, for 30 years, has used the stage to communicate the Gospel of Jesus in night clubs, city squares and festivals, to young people who would never step foot into a church.

The NLM "show" is a dramatic theatrical depiction of the story of Jesus, including a powerful crucifixion and resurrection scene, which is geared toward the global youth culture (17–30 years of age). The show uses a creative blend of live modern music, stage drama, and other special effects (e.g., video projections and fire) to present a relevant yet clear Gospel message.

The show is always translated/interpreted into the native language so that the message is clear. After each show, the gospel is shared from stage and an invitation to respond to the message is made. Afterwards, members of the band and local Christians talk to people who have responded and connect them to the local churches and follow up teams.


Since it's formation in Amsterdam in early 1980s, NLM has acted as a pioneer by going into previously unreached or difficult-to-reach places around the world and has served as a catalyst for the creation of new ministries, churches, and a wave of people passionate about bringing the love of Jesus to the secularized global youth culture.

Over the years, many thousands of secular youth have come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior through the ministry of NLM. After the concerts, Steiger works with Steiger missionaries and/or its local partners to ensure that strong follow-up is place to connect those who respond to the Gospel with local churches and ministries for ongoing discipleship.

In parts of the world where Christianity is prohibited by law, Steiger will establish "fan clubs" and "meet the band parties", which serve as underground discipleship groups and churches. When necessary, Steiger works with its local partners to facilitate the creation of new churches and local ministries to meet the needs of the new believers.

For example, in a 32-concert "Moscow to Mongolia" tour in 1991, NLM had the opportunity to be the first Western band to play in Uzbekistan and Mongolia. More importantly, however, the campaign resulted in 2,000 responses to the Gospel. Bible studies were begun in numerous cities by NLM's church planting partners who remained in Russia after the tour to disciple those who made a commitment at the concerts. These Bible studies have developed into numerous missions-minded churches, reaching out to the lost in their cities and other nearby cities.

In Poland, Steiger partners with the SLOT Art Festival, which began originally as an annual discipleship camp for those who had responded to No Longer Music concerts. It started in 1994 (with only 40 people in attendance) and has now grown to over 7000 today and has had a tremendous impact on the nation of Poland. SLOT has workshops and seminars for those who respond to the Gospel and a network of churches throughout Poland to which to connect new believers.

Read David Pierce's book "Rock Priest" for more on the history and formation of No Longer Music.


Today, NLM has more ministry opportunities all over the world than we can handle. Every year, Steiger must turn down excellent opportunities for evangelistic outreach because we simply do not have the time and capacity to address them. In other words, the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few (Matthew 9:37).

In response to the great need to grow and multiply, Steiger's ministry Come&Live! exists to provoke and inspire Christian artists to use their God-given creativity to revolutionize the world for Jesus. We do this by providing community, tools and training for artists across the entire spectrum – from part-time musician to full time missionary. See www.comeandlive.com for more information.


2015 This summer the 3 international NLM teams will be performing in festivals, cultural centers and city squares in 15 different countries in Europe and Middle East.
2014 For the first time No Longer Music multiplied into 3 international teams, able to perform 55 Concerts in 10 different countries (Albania, Germany, Lebanon, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, USA). Approximately 40,000 people saw the show and over 3,500 people responded to the altar call following the presentation of the Gospel. NLM releases a new DVD, “Live in Minneapolis”.
2013 Longest tour in NLM history. 6 countries (Ukraine, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Albania & Spain) in 5 months. Due to the sacrificial generosity of supporters, NLM was able to purchase a fully equipped mobile stage trailer. The stage trailer not only increased the capacity and effectiveness of proclaiming the Gospel all over Europe and parts of the Middle East in 2013, but it will continue to benefit NLM for years to come.
2012 NLM tour Turkey, Kosovo, Albania, Poland, Germany, Russia and Finland.
2011 NLM tour Iraq, Turkey, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Poland and Germany.
2010 NLM multiplies. "No Longer Music - Brazil" is formed and led by Luke Greenwood. "NLM - Europe" tours Poland and Germany. David Pierce is able to speak plainly about Jesus in an interview on MTV-Lebanon, a popular tv station viewed by millions throughout the Arab world.
2009 NLM tour Lebanon, Croatia and Finland. 
2008 NLM tours Poland, Lebanon, Turkey, Croatia, Finland, Iceland and the USA.
2007 NLM tours Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Iceland and Germany. Over 200 Muslim youth publicly pray the sinner's prayer.
2006 NLM tours Germany, Poland and Turkey.
2005 NLM tour through Poland, Germany, Brazil and for the first time in Chile. In Sao Paulo, NLM played nine shows in nine days, including Thorns (a huge Halloween festival) and Hangar 110 - a famous gig spot for international bands playing in Sao Paulo.
2003 NLM returned to Sao Paulo, Brazil for a third time with a renewed show and completely reformed music set. No Longer Music played in the main alternative venues of Sao Paulo and also at the Steiger Arts Fest 2003.
2002 NLM tours Brazil playing at the underground clubs of São Paulo and finish playing at the 1st SteigerFest Brazil, an evangelistic event of 3 day camping. Finishes the tour in Poland at Slot Festival.
2001 NLM tours Brazil, Jamaica and Poland.
2000 NLM prepare for the new show and 2001 tours.
1999 NLM takes two years break to follow up on discipleship.
1998 NLM Tours New Zealand.
1997 NLM releases the album version of the rock opera Passion (an act of) on the new independent label, Steiger Music. The band begins working on the new material for the new rock opera and planning their next tour.
1996 NLM conducts a six-month world tour of the rock opera Passion (an act of), performing in New Zealand, the U.S.A., Germany, Poland, Singapore and India.
1995 NLM debues the rock opera on nationwide tours of New Zealand, Poland and Germany. Pleitegeier Records (Germany) re-leases Thank You, Good Night, We Love You on CD. The Album climbs to number four on the indie charts in Germany.
1994 NLM performs a "Friendship Tour" of Vietnam and a nationwide tour of Poland followed by the bands first self-sponsored "Jesus Camp" / music festival, which grew into the SLOT Art Festival.
1993 The book "The Rock Priest" (the story of David Pierce and NLM) is published. NLM releases their second album, Hang By Your Feet And Sing, (Chrissong, Netherlands). NLM relocates to New Zealand for six months to begin youth programs there.
1992 NLM is seen by millions on Russian Central Television in a one hour CBN video entitled "What Are You Living For?" The band tours again in Europe and the U.S.
1991 NLM release their first full-length album, NO SEX (Chrissong, Netherlands). NLM conducts a 32-concert "Moscow to Mongolia" tour. They become the first Western band to play in Mongolia.
1990 David Pierce is featured in the BBS's "Missionaries" series and the accompanying book. NLM tours the Soviet Union prior to the fall of Communism, performing at the Rock Asia Festival in Barnaul. They become the first Western band to play in Siberia.
1989 NLM release their fourth independent recording, Thank You, Good Night, We Love You, followed a tour of Scandinavia and Poland.
1988 NLM release their third independent recording, Bustin' Through. Opportunities begin to open in Eastern Europe prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall. NLM plays before 15,000 people at Jarocin Festival in Poland.
1987 NLM records their second independent release, It's Too Loud, followed by the bands first tour outside Amsterdam and Holland.
1986 NLM records their first independent demo, Sounds like a Factory.
1985 No Longer Music (NLM) is formed by David Pierce in Amsterdam, Holland.
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