State of emergency

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As a result of increasing terrorism, the Syrian refugee crisis, and a failed military coup in July of last year, Turkey is experiencing heightened political and social tension. The country has been under a state of emergency for over a year, and a tightly contested referendum in April gave almost dictatorial powers to its President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

All of this had created a lot of uncertainty about No Longer Music’s tour of Turkey planned for this August. Obtaining official permission for our shows was basically proving to be impossible, and our local partners were not sure how the Gospel would be received during such intense times.

Still, we remained convinced that we shouldn't allow circumstances to deter us, and that we needed to go and share the Gospel in this predominantly Muslim country, however, we could.

After our first few days here in Turkey, we can truly say that it’s amazing how God has been with us every step of the way!
We have done four shows in the city of Izmir before approximately 900 people. 84 people have signed up to receive more information about Jesus, and 51 requested that someone contact them personally, so they can know more about Him.

During our show last night, what appeared to be a police helicopter flew in and hovered above us for a time.

izmir5Yet, no one has stopped us. We have had no problems with the police, and we are able to preach to hundreds every night. Many people have raised their hands and said they wanted to know more about Jesus, and have prayed out loud with us publicly.

After our last show, a fight broke out between one guy who said that we couldn't preach because we are in a Muslim country and another young person who came to our defense. This second guy insisted that we had a right to speak and that Turkey isn’t a Muslim country, but rather a secular country!

We've also experienced people breaking down in tears, thanking us saying, “Please keep bringing this message to everyone in Turkey! Turkey needs to hear this message. Thank you so much for coming.”  Even the manager of the hotel we are staying at said he had heard that we are Christians, and wanted to know if we had any Bibles that he could have, to give to everyone staying in the hotel.

Please continue to pray that God will be with us and that we will be able to boldly preach the love of Jesus in Turkey!

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