The Suitcase Sideshow

The Suitcase Sideshow is a traveling theater that brings a message of hope to the far corners of the world through the use of marionettes, music, workshops, and shadow puppetry. The Suitcase Sideshow is most known for its vintage-styled marionette street performance that uses a steamer trunk as a stage (complete with battery powered lighting and sound). Other current productions include a sailor rock band that uses sea shanties to tell a story while accompanied by shadow puppets.

The Suitcase Sideshow was founded in 2005. After Philip Shorey received the calling to create a traveling marionette theater he realized he was the fourth generation in his family to do something similar! He currently uses the same marionettes his grandfather used back in the the 1960’s. Their first official show was in an underground theater in Minneapolis where Philip worked as a composer. This theater was known for its controversy and their show was no exception. They were escorted off stage after a riot broke out with punks throwing bottles and screaming at them during the show; however, the whole scene was in shock due to their deep belief in “tolerance” that they themselves had seemingly violated. From there, the Suitcase Sideshow journeyed to Brazil where it performed in a brothel four times- opening the door for the local missionaries to pray and continue to build relationships with over forty women in hopes of helping them find a better life in Jesus. After that brief tour in Brazil, Philip knew God was telling him that there was a place for the Suitcase Sideshow on the global mission’s stage. The opportunities have never stopped.

Today the Suitcase Sideshow productions have been translated into over ten languages, they have planted another theater in Turkey, and have seen God move and people respond to the message of Jesus all over the world. They continue to serve God with what they have been given and adjust their mission to also include their kids in order to continue through all the stages of life. They live in Minneapolis when not traveling and reach out to other local artists there. They have a heart for people of all walks life and of every culture to discover the love of God demonstrated through Jesus.
Philip and Sari Shorey
Suitcase Sideshow presenting in Brazil
Suitcase Sideshow

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