David and Jodi PierceDear Friends,

I first met Cocke three years ago in a warehouse where my band was playing in Santiago, Chile. He was searching for God, but he didn't know who Jesus was yet. He was in a secular Chilean metal band and was helping us with our sound. Download pdf

David and Jodi PierceDear Friends,

Sami, who has his own pop music TV program in Saudi Arabia, picked us up at the airport and took us to our hotel at around 4:00 am. We had heard rumors that I was blacklisted but I was able to clear customs without any problem. Thank you for your prayers about this! Download pdf

David and Jodi PierceDear Friends,

We will not know until we go through customs if we are blacklisted. Our contacts can’t find anything out. It could be that only Jodi will be able to get through customs at the airport.
The guy who opposes us coming is saying that my name is on a governmental “black list” because of the near riot that broke out when we were there last year. Our contact says he acts totally irrationally and that he said “If David gets into the country I am going to call the security forces”. Download pdf

David and Jodi PierceDear Friends,

Six months ago, during our evangelistic tour in the Middle East, hundreds of young people , including many Islamic young people, heard who Jesus is for the first time. Many came forward to make a public confession of faith in Jesus Christ. But it didn't come without a fight. During one concert the team was taunted and threatened with violence. Download pdf

David and Jodi PierceDear Friends,

We were a two hour drive from Iraq in a radical Muslim stronghold in southeastern Turkey. The father of the promoter of this event was a Muslim cleric. In this town there were 3 major terrorist cells present and there were no known Christians in the whole region. Download pdf to read more.

David and Jodi Pierce“Hi, I want to thank you that I could hear you speak. The lectures you gave for women really moved me and the No Longer Music concert touched the deepest parts of my heart. Download pdf to read more.

David and Jodi PierceDear Friends

Nine months ago God allowed us to preach the message of the Cross on the streets of Muslim villages and towns where Jesus had not been publicly proclaimed for a thousand years. Download pdf to read more.

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