Over the years Steiger has published a number of books, such as "Revolutionary!" by David Pierce and "Something Broken; Something Extraordinary" by Jodi Pierce. These books have been instrumental in leading people to the Lord, inspiring people to enter into full-time ministry and challenging people to live lives fully committed to the Lord.

Revolutionary! von David Pierce (Deutsch)

Revolutionary! DeutschRevolutionary! ist schonungslos provokant. Zehn biblisch fundierte Grundsätze und Praxisbeispiele fordern Christen heraus, ihre Kreativität außerhalb der Kirche für das Evangelium einzusetzen.
David Pierce ist Visionär und Künstler, talentierter Evangelist und dynamischer Prediger, der das Evangelium auf der ganzen Welt proklamiert. Er ist Gründer und bis heute Leiter von Steiger.
Durch seine Band No Longer Music kamen weltweit viele Tausende zu Jesus; nach seinem Vorbild wurden neue Dienste und Gemeinden gegründet sowie zahlreiche Missionare ausgesandt. All dies resultierte in einer global vernetzten Missionsorganisation: Steiger.

„Revolutionary! ist außerordentlich wichtig für jeden aufstrebenden christlichen Künstler (und die christliche Gemeinde an sich), zu dessen zweitwichtigstem Buch es nach der Bibel werden sollte. Das Werk ist ein GEWALTIGER prophetischer Aufruf an eine oberflächliche christliche Kultur, die solche kreativen und ‚revolutionären’ Praxisbeispiele schon lange bitter nötig hatte.“
Chad Johnson, Gründer von Come&Live!

„Ein Muss für jeden, dem es ernst ist, die ihm gegebene Berufung und Bühne zur Verbreitung des Evangeliums einzusetzen.“
Alan Greene, Gründer/Leiter von Lifelight Communications, Inc.

Dieses Buch ist auch für Kindle verfügbar.

Revolutionary! by David Pierce (English)

Revolutionary! English"Revolutionary!" is a hard-hitting, provocative book, that challenges Christians to use their God-given creativity to proclaim the Gospel outside the church, through ten clear, biblically based principles illustrated by real-life examples.
David Pierce is the founder and executive director of Steiger ( He is a gifted proclamation evangelist, artist, dynamic speaker and visionary.
He has seen many thousands find Jesus around the world through his ministry "No Longer Music". His efforts have served as a catalyst for a wave of new ministries, churches and missionaries, that have grown into a global, interconnected missions organization called Steiger.

"Revolutionary! is beyond necessary and should be the second thing every aspiring Christian artist (or any Christian, for that matter) reads (after the Bible). This book is a HUGE prophetic shout to a shallow Christian culture in desperate need of kingdom-creative, ‘revolutionary’, real-life examples."
Chad Johnson, Founder of Come&Live!

"A must read for anyone who is serious about using the platform and calling they have been given to spread the Gospel."
Alan Greene - Founder/Director of Lifelight Communications, Inc.

This book is also available for Kindle.

Rock Priest by David Pierce (English)

Revolutionary! DeutschRead the latest release of Rock Priest with several new chapters added to bring it up to date. David's story is sure to inspire you as he shares his life journey, including the founding of Steiger and his ministry No Longer Music.

"For years, David Pierce has gone into some of the most revolutionary, and often dangerous, underground communities in the world to reach people for Jesus. Punks, Goths, Militants, Mercenaries - David has ministered to them all. His energized and avant-garde use of extreme music and theater to communicate the Gospel continues to win lives for Jesus from South America to Siberia."
- Jimmy Stewart, Managing Editor of Charisma Magazine

This book is also available in Croatian, Russian, Portuguese, Polish and German.

Dancing w/ Skinheads & Other Bible Study Topics by David Pierce (English)

Revolutionary! EnglishDancing w/ Skinheads is a collection of Bible Study topics presented in the language of today. Those that have heard David Pierce speak in person are sure to enjoy this book.

"David is one of the most authentic and creative communicators of Christian truth that I have ever met. He has a heart for God and a heart for those who are lost."
- Sheila Walsh, former co-host of the 700 Club

This book is also available in Bulgarian, Polish and German.

About Steiger

Steiger is a worldwide mission organization that is called to reach and disciple the Global Youth Culture for Jesus.

Steiger raises up missionaries and equips the local church to proclaim the message of Jesus in the language of the Global Youth Culture and establishes long-term presence in cities through ongoing outreach, discipleship and local church partnership.