Steiger began in Brazil in 2001 as a partnership with the church Projeto 242, led by Sandro Baggio. Today Steiger Brazil has a variety of projects that seek to fulfill the mission vision of reach the Global Youth Culture for Jesus. There are Steiger ministries in three different Brazilian cities: São Paulo, Curitiba and Campinas.

Steiger Brazil is led by a team: Sandro and Mara Baggio (Directors), Volmir and Katia Bastos (Training, pastoral care, evangelism and discipleship), Ricardo and Tati Chaves (Recruiting and fund raising) and Angelo and Aline Szamszoryk (Communication and Administration).


"Platform Brazil": Brazil has 4 platform bands: Alegorica, Life to Live, Desertor and Dooms day hymn. Together with other volunteers they form a network of artists that plan events and tours together with the purpose of sharing the good news. These bands are constantly active through local shows, and the team has plans to organize tours throughout Brazil and also South America in 2015.

Manifeste: Manifeste is an art movement focused on sharing the faith through events that target a non-Christian audience. This ministry has been running for 5 years organizing various events in cultural centers and clubs in São Paulo. In 2015 the team plans more events in São Paulo, and also in Curitiba.

Projeto Virada Radical: A Campinas based project that focuses on reaching young people in schools through ongoing workshops with skateboarding, circus arts, hip hop music, capoeira and jiu jitsu.

Local and relational evangelism: Steiger's communities - Projeto 242, Espaço Coletivo, Golgota and the Campinas team run frequent relational evangelism actions with street performance or different events and parties.


Projeto 242: A São Paulo based community consisting mostly of young people, many of which are involved in art, music and media. As a church it focuses both on communicating in a relevant way to the younger generation through preaching, art, music, media and relationships, and on living out the Gospel with integrity seeking cultural change in the local community, serving the poor and reaching out to the homeless and those in drugs and prostitution.

"Espaço Coletivo" Community House: This is a community house based in Guarulhos, São Paulo, which began in November, 2013. Many of those living in the community are Steiger missionaries or volunteers, but there are also those living there who are seeking to know more about the faith. The house is a hub of activity and a meeting place for many young people, with weekly Bible studies and prayer times, with many opportunities to share the faith and help people grow in their faith.

Comunidade Golgota: A church in Curitiba focused on reaching alternative young people, many from the rock and metal scene. The church was started by Volmir and Katia Bastos in 2001 and has grown to a large community of around 300 young people. They run various evangelistic and discipleship ministries for the global youth context.

Skate shop Bible study: Based in a skate shop in Campinas, Ricardo Chaves leads a team working with young people mainly in the local skate and graffiti culture. The shop is a meeting point, where they run a Bible study, but is also a base from which they plan skateboarding events for the region.

Follow-up events: Katia Bastos leads a team that works along side Manifeste, Platform and other evangelistic events run by Steiger Brazil, planning follow-up events to stay in touch with those impacted by the message. They are currently creating a website and printed material to use in their follow-up efforts.


Compact schools: Steiger Brazil has been running a 2-week annual Compact school every January since 2011. It is usually attended by around 100 people, some doing the full-time version and others only do the evening classes, from various churches and cities from all over Brazil. Many of the students become Steiger volunteers or even go on to further training at the SMS in Germany.

Recruiting and sending: Brazil has been a key recruiting ground in the past 4 years, with many Brazilians attending the SMS in Germany and becoming Steiger missionaries or volunteers. The team in Brazil considers this an important part of Steiger's role in Brazil, to train and send Brazilians to serve in missions all over the world.

Seminars: Steiger Brazil has a team of 6 speakers who frequently share in churches and events about the mission, also offering one day workshops or 2-3 day seminar on the key Steiger topics.

Steiger conference: In 2013 Steiger Brazil also initiates an annual conference as a way to share more widely about the mission, recruit and fund raise. It is also a great opportunity to encourage the church to recognize new challenges in missions today and to emphasize the need to reach the Global Youth Culture.


Brazilian Office
Rua da Gloria, 900 - Liberdade - São Paulo SP 01510-000 - Brazil
Phone +55 11 2537 3441




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Steiger raises up missionaries and equips the local church to proclaim the message of Jesus in the language of the Global Youth Culture and establishes long-term presence in cities through ongoing outreach, discipleship and local church partnership.

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